Dandy Dreams Come True


It’s been a week since I was in Providence attending the stellar “Artist/Rebel/Dandy Men of Fashion” exhibit at RISD’s Museum of Art. I’m still reeling from the sartorial splendor I witnessed both in the museum and on the streets of Providence.

I’m not sure what I want to take home the most: Andy Warhol’s paint splattered shoes or King George V’s suit. Though Andy Warhol’s silver wig might make the greatest statement on me.

The weekend far exceeded any expectations I had – though I have to admit I always try to temper them. But it was a WOW from Friday night at the Providence Library to Sunday afternoon watching the Tweed Ride wend through the streets of Providence. I had a ball.

And I learned so much – about tailoring from Kathryn Sargent, about one of my favorite fabrics – tweed – from Guy Hills, about shoes from Marika Verploegh Chasse and about all things splendid from Patrick McDonald. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I now have fodder for many many more blog posts in the future. But for now I’m focused on swapping my personal wardrobe from fall/winter to spring/summer and on re-merchandising my shop for the warm months to come. For now I hope you enjoy the tribute window I put up.

Artists/Rebels/Dandys I love them all!

If you love them too I encourage you to take a trip to Providence:

Artist/Rebel/Dandy Men of Fashion

Now through August 18, 2013 at RISD’s Museum of Art, 224 Benefit Street, Providence, RI 02903. Call 401-454-6500 for hours and directions.

And if you are based in Providence – I’ll be back in town on June 14-15.

At the invitation of Master Barber Cheryl Dumont and her partner Jen Dutra I’m setting up a QP & Monty Pop Up shop at:

Chez Moustache, 91 Hope Street, Providence, RI, 02906

Call 401-400-5500 for details and if you need a haircut or hot shave be sure to book an appointment with Cheryl and her team.

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