Monty aka the King of Bling

We know QP & Monty is a funny name.

But it’s more than just a haberdashery in NYC’s West Village.

Monty is a real dog.

As you can see he likes to live the high life. In fact he is known as the King of Bling. Now QP she’s less fancy. But she’s not real at all. She’s Monty’s imaginary friend. Whenever he gets in trouble he blames everything on her. Or at least he did until his little sister Saki moved in.

But that’s another story.

In fact this entire line of thought is for another day.

After we successfully launch Sartorial Pairings, our new apparel and accessories brand, we’re working on a series of children’s books and plush toys featuring QP & Monty. So if you like vests and fobs and chains please go to and search for Sartorial Pairings. We’d be honored if you’d back us – no dollar amount is too small – participation is key!

You’ll receive Monty’s undying devotion – and of course our eternal thanks!

Ignacio and Pamela

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