Leap of Faith: Search for Sartorial Pairings on kickstarter

Last night Ignacio took a leap of faith. No he didn’t jump off the roof. But it sort of felt like it.

We had a soft opening gathering for QP & Monty at our new space on Perry Street. In case you haven’t heard Ignacio has had a long-held dream to open a haberdashery and build a menswear line. Opening our space on Perry Street at Greenwich Avenue fulfills the first part of that dream.

Now he has put the plans in motion to fulfill the second part, which is to establish a new menswear brand called Sartorial Pairings. That’s where the leap of faith came in – last night at 7:00pm Ignacio hit the launch button on our kickstarter campaign for Sartorial Pairings. It takes a lot of faith and an ability to overcome your fear of failure to embark on a 30-day-raise-it-all-or-gain-nothing fundraising campaign. But Ignacio has faith in abundance and neither of us fears failure anymore.

So with confidence in our brand we ask for your help.

Please make Ignacio’s dream come true by supporting our kickstarter campaign. By searching for Sartorial Pairings on kickstarter.com you will find a video in which Ignacio speaks from his heart about the brand and his dreams. And you will also learn the 411 about our vests, fobs and chains.

After reviewing all the details, please put in an advance order for one of them. Or, if you are not ready to purchase one now, you can choose another reward at a lower level. We have some very cool screen savers for any size gift and a one of a kind pocket square for only $25.

Most importantly you will receive our undying gratitude and the satisfaction of helping support manufacturing in New York City.

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