Kickstarting a Dream One Speakeasy at a Time

Ignacio at Red Rooster in Harlem with Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Thelma Golden of The Studio Museum

Ever since we launched our kickstarter campaign for Sartorial Pairings Ignacio has been the man about town!

Last Wednesday he decided to hit his old stomping ground of Harlem. In case you didn’t know Harlem is not just the birthplace of the jazz age it’s also the birthplace of our own Ignacio Quiles. He’s strayed from the neighborhood over the years to Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, but Harlem remains number one in his heart.

So of course when he decided to take a speakeasy tour of the city to get the word out about Sartorial Pairings he had to hit Ginny’s downstairs from Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster restaurant. And to his delight the chef was there. They’ve met before at our pop up in Chelsea Market and at the Manhattan Vintage Show, but this evening was special.

It’s dark and sultry and full of great vibes, great food, and great drinks as you can see in this almost old school photo of Ignacio with Chef Samuelsson and Thelma Golden Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum.

So if you are in NY Ignacio encourages you to stop by Red Rooster – you are sure to have a great time. In the meantime please go to and search for Sartorial Pairings – we have 14 days left to raise about $24,000 – it’s time to kick this campaign into high gear.

Thanks for your help.!!

Along for the Ride

Ignacio is not just a serious man – he has a silly side too.

Our friend Erica the designer behind Cora at Artists & Fleas used to make him crack up – this little guy was her creation. Ignacio still takes him along for the ride sometimes.

We are grateful for everyone who has come along for the ride with us here at QP & Monty. If you have a chance please check out our kickstarter project for Sartorial Pairings.


Monty aka the King of Bling

We know QP & Monty is a funny name.

But it’s more than just a haberdashery in NYC’s West Village.

Monty is a real dog.

As you can see he likes to live the high life. In fact he is known as the King of Bling. Now QP she’s less fancy. But she’s not real at all. She’s Monty’s imaginary friend. Whenever he gets in trouble he blames everything on her. Or at least he did until his little sister Saki moved in.

But that’s another story.

In fact this entire line of thought is for another day.

After we successfully launch Sartorial Pairings, our new apparel and accessories brand, we’re working on a series of children’s books and plush toys featuring QP & Monty. So if you like vests and fobs and chains please go to and search for Sartorial Pairings. We’d be honored if you’d back us – no dollar amount is too small – participation is key!

You’ll receive Monty’s undying devotion – and of course our eternal thanks!

Ignacio and Pamela

Time is of the Essence or the Essence of Time

Photo by Rog Walker, as part of the photo story “Waiting” by Rog Walker and Bianca Pandit

Time waits for no man, woman or dog.

This has never been more evident to us than since we launched our kickstarter campaign for Sartorial Pairings last Thursday. As you may know we have 26 days left in which to raise $29,425. While this may seem daunting we are excited and making plans for promotions every night.

So please keep an eye out for our daily posts because we’ll be announcing our plans and progress here and on facebook and twitter too. In the meantime please visit, search for Sartorial Pairings and check out our video.

Because time is of the essence and the essence of time is fleeting.

But the rewards for using your time well are immeasurable! Please help us ensure that we’ve used our time well by backing our project and sharing the details with your friends.










With a Little Help from Our Friends

Photograph by Teddy Telles Photography at

QP & Monty has a new home. But we have brought a piece of each previous market with us. This photograph by Teddy Telles from his photo booth at Artists & Fleas has pride of place as you enter the shop.

I love this photo because it reminds me of how much help we’ve gotten from our friends. My friend Terry helped us source the suspenders I’m holding, my friend Ariel drew the caricature of QP my dog’s imaginary friend, and my friend Teddy took the photo.

We all need help from our friends and I’ve gotten that help in spades this past year. But I’m not afraid to ask for more. Please visit, search for Sartorial Pairings, and watch the video about my new apparel and accessories brand. Of course if you like what you see, I’d be honored if you would make a pledge, pick a reward, and share the link with your friends. But most importantly I ask you to read through the acknowledgements I’ve listed on the page.

These are the true heroes — they are the ones who helped me and became my friends along the way.

Leap of Faith: Search for Sartorial Pairings on kickstarter

Last night Ignacio took a leap of faith. No he didn’t jump off the roof. But it sort of felt like it.

We had a soft opening gathering for QP & Monty at our new space on Perry Street. In case you haven’t heard Ignacio has had a long-held dream to open a haberdashery and build a menswear line. Opening our space on Perry Street at Greenwich Avenue fulfills the first part of that dream.

Now he has put the plans in motion to fulfill the second part, which is to establish a new menswear brand called Sartorial Pairings. That’s where the leap of faith came in – last night at 7:00pm Ignacio┬áhit the launch button on our kickstarter campaign for Sartorial Pairings. It takes a lot of faith and an ability to overcome your fear of failure to embark on a 30-day-raise-it-all-or-gain-nothing fundraising campaign. But Ignacio has faith in abundance and neither of us fears failure anymore.

So with confidence in our brand we ask for your help.

Please make Ignacio’s dream come true by supporting our kickstarter campaign. By searching for Sartorial Pairings on you will find a video in which Ignacio speaks from his heart about the brand and his dreams. And you will also learn the 411 about our vests, fobs and chains.

After reviewing all the details, please put in an advance order for one of them. Or, if you are not ready to purchase one now, you can choose another reward at a lower level. We have some very cool screen savers for any size gift and a one of a kind pocket square for only $25.

Most importantly you will receive our undying gratitude and the satisfaction of helping support manufacturing in New York City.

We’ve Landed on Perry Street


After two and a half years of wandering from market to market we are pleased to announce that QP & Monty has landed in our own space on Perry Street. And we are launching Sartorial Pairings, a new mens’ apparel and accessories brand via Kickstarter.

Together with our friends at Moustache Greenwich Tonsorial we’re hosting an event to help you get ready for Fall. So please join us on September 6, 2012 for wine and cheese and styling and profiling!

Ignacio will be there for sartorial advice and the master barbers of Moustache will be there to pamper you with the most luxurious skin and hair treaments.

Who: QP & Monty and Moustache Greenwich Tonsorial

What: Get Ready. . .Get Set. . .Prepare for Fall Fashion Event

Where: 55 Greenwich Avenue, NY, NY 10014 – at Perry Street

When: Thursday September 6, 2012, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Why: Because We Love You