Embracing Failure. Letting Go. What a Beautiful Day!

This is a big year for QP & Monty.

First Ignacio was selected as one of seven participants in Failure Club, Morgan Spurlock’s new collaboration with yahoo screen. For the past five months he and his friends Gina, Liz, Elizabeth, Eric, Meg and Jessie have been working hard to achieve lifelong dreams while the cameras document them embracing every failure along the way. (By the way Ignacio’s dream is to open a haberdashery and launch a capsule collection of menswear and accessories.) Then we were welcomed into the Manhattan Vintage Show and on top of all that we opened a seven day a week pop up shop within Chelsea Market.

Clearly we’ve been working hard – Ignacio designed a vest and bow tie and had the patterns made for each, we debuted at the Manhattan Vintage Show in February and will be there again tomorrow, and we’re prepping to launch a Kickstarter campaign next month.

This was a big day for Ignacio.

He put his vision into the hands of his talented new friends Art Director and Brand Expert Ray Marrero and Photographer Oriana DeAmicis. He met Ray at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg and Oriana saw Ignacio on Failure Club and contacted him through this blog. They all got together today and put their creative talents on the line for Ignacio’s dream. He told me it was exciting, but oh my waiting, waiting, waiting. . .it’s hard.

I was at work and couldn’t even be a bystander at the photo shoot. It was my job to refrain from calling every five minutes. It was Ignacio’s job to let go. He wanted to to make all the decisions. His mind was racing. . . Can we do it like this? Or like that?  But he told himself. . . breathe, wait, breathe. . .let go. . .don’t try to control the show.

Nervous, nail biting, butterflies inside. . .dry mouth, palpitating heart. . .

But at the end of the day he’s so proud that we  – QP & Monty and our production team led by Ray and Oriana complimented by Oriana’s fiance and our spectacular model Dan – created some amazing images! We now have the material we desperately needed for our marketing and Kickstarter collateral.

For Ignacio the experience was a personal growing one . . . he relinquished total control of his vest and fobs. Photographing, modeling, styling. . .all out of his hands. He especially wants to express his gratitude to his assistant for the day Nicholas Sinatra. His professionalism and ability to keep Ignacio in step and on time were much much appreciated.

And to top it off Morgan Spurlock’s crew documented it all for posterity.

What a beautiful day!