New Year. . . New Projects: Please Join Ignacio Friday January 20, 2012 for his Sartorial Essentials 101 Class

We’ve been busy diving head first into the New Year with projects galore. Ignacio is being followed by Morgan Spurlock’s Failure Club camera crew, I’m working a kickstarter campaign for our men’s jewelry line, and we are both gearing up for a soon to be announced Spring Market. In the meantime Ignacio’s fellow Failure Club member and friend Gina helped him work on a vision statement for QP & Monty:

“What does it mean to have real style? To live in as well as communicate a look that truly defines you?

At QP & Monty we believe developing your signature style should be a wonderful journey. And we’re here to accompany you.

We specialize in curating and creating vintage and vintage-inspired pieces that impart the wearer with elegance and panache. That hearken back to a time when dressing well was practically mandatory. When you chose what you wore not just for you, but also to be seen and admired.

Whether you are looking for single piece or an entire outfit, a vintage vest or a fedora, a pocket square or cufflinks, Sartorial Pairings, aka Ignacio Quiles, can help you build a personal style based on pieces that inspire you, suit you and flatter you.

Enjoy what you wear. Wear what you enjoy. Then go out and show the world exactly what you’re made of.”

If this philosophy resonates with you, you will enjoy Ignacio’s upcoming Skillshare class at Wix Lounge. For just $10 you’ll learn all about shirt and tie maintenance and you’ll receive a free vintage tie bar!!

If you can’t make it to the class be sure to check out to learn about their free co-working space near Union Square and if you are looking for an easy-to-use website builder can’t be beat!

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