Community of Creatives

When we first joined 3rd ward in Brooklyn we thought it might be fun to take some classes to refresh our skills. And perks including access to great events and a cool bike seemed to more than cover the cost.

What we didn’t anticipate was how important surrounding ourselves with these amazingly creative people would be to our business. While we may not be the most active members — our other commitments prevent us from being there as much as we’d like — we have found not just inspiration, but also great encouragement from our fellow members and the dedicated staff.

Through 3rdward we’ve meet photographers, social media experts, furniture designers . . .we’ve embraced new media, learned to sew, gotten tips on furniture refinishing . . . the benefits are too numerous to list. We love it so much we even rented a studio in the same building as the headquarters for our small business. And that was a direct result of the dedication of the 3rdward membership team!

Basically we’ve been welcomed by an amazing community of creatives. We hope you find such a home too. If you are in New York stop by for a free tour. If not follow them on facebook (3rdward) and twitter (@thirdward) — maybe we’ll see you there.

3rd Ward: 195 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 718-715-4961,

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