Inspiration Source and Promises Kept

Way back in June I promised Franzi Charen from North Carolina that I would include this great photo of our shop in a blog post about inspiration. It has been on my mind for months now, but  — as often happens —  life got in the way. First we moved out of an apartment that I had lived in for 17 years. Imagine sorting, sorting, sorting, packing, packing, packing and most refreshing of all donating, donating, donating. Followed by the inevitable  unpacking, unpacking, unpacking.

Then one week later with most of the boxes still untouched in our apartment, I checked into the hospital for ankle fusion surgery. So I’ve been housebound with my leg elevated over my heart for much of the summer. During my convalescence Ignacio has had to do all the cooking, cooking, cooking, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and dog walking, dog walking, dog walking. Not to mention manning the shop on his own.

That’s a long way to get to the point that I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to think about inspiration. Of course we are always inspired by the beauty and sometimes quirkiness of the things we find and sell at the flea market. But more often than not we are inspired by the people we meet at Artists and Fleas each week. Through their eyes we see not just our treasures, but also ourselves in a new light.

When I look at this photo I am impressed at how much work Ignacio put into styling our booth, not to mention how hard it was for him to hang that Kudu on the wall with no help whatsoever. I also think of Franzi and the fun photo shoots she styles for her shop and blog — check it out at

Hopefully I’ll make it to Asheville, North Carolina someday to see her shop in person. In the meantime I’ve not only kept my promise, but I’ve also found a new source of inspiration.

We hope she inspires you too.

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