Musical Admiration and Mutual Inspiration

For the past few months we have been serenaded by the two inspiring and talented New Yorkers: DJ Fresh Nunas and Nomsa Mazwai — originally from Mozambique and South Africa respectively. They have infused Artists and Fleas with energy and life not just through their music, but also through their positive energy.

DJ Fresh Nunas is a multimedia artist and DJ. He turned professional in Mozambique and took the New York scene by storm when he became the resident DJ at Bungalow 8.  He plays mostly soul, funk, afro beat and dub. While he makes his living through music, it is music’s power to heal that really keeps him going.

Nomsa Mazwai is a Fulbright scholar and professional musician. She is currently living in New York and studying economics at Fordham University. In her spare time she recently released an album, Nomisupasta, for which she received she won the 2011 South African Music Award for Best Adult Alternative African Music.

Both Fresh Nunas and Nomsa Mazwai are much more than the sum of their resumes. He is also a talented photographer and artist. She has been a public speaker since early childhood encouraging people to learn to read and advocating for women’s rights. They are both young, vibrant and we are lucky to have them here at Artists and Fleas.


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