The Art of Letter Writing

The art of letter writing may be relegated to the  activity list of anachronism societies, but we still love the accoutrements that go along with it — like postage stamps. I used to have a postage stamp collection when I as a kid and remember when they were only $.25. But I never really paid attention to the postage vending machines they came out of until I met Ignacio. He’s had this one for years — it’s for sale at Artists and Fleas now. I’m sure he’ll have a hard time parting with it. I know I will.

The super secret library bar next to it is one of our most recent finds. It has decanters for Scotch, Vodka and Rum and six shot glasses all hidden behind leather reference book spines. That’s the old-fashioned way of keeping the booze away from the kids. Or from your boss. Although the three martini lunch was still de rigueur when this made so I’m not sure you would have had to hide it. We think it would look great anywhere — in a sleek loft downtown or cozy classic six uptown.

I think the vending machine and bar not only look great together; they complement each other too. Some letters require liquid courage to write. Some require liquid courage to read. But the real art is in the writing — if it comes from the heart that’s all that matters.

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