Happy Memorial Day

When I was a kid my grandfather used to take us to lay flags and flowers on my ancestors graves. This was in Seattle and my memory is that they were laid to rest in a beautiful grassy area on a hill and that the sun always shone when we were there — which was a treat in Seattle. Of course memory plays tricks on you and there may not have been a hill or sun, but that’s how it will always remain in my mind.

He is now there with my grandmother and the last time I visited them was in 1993, but I think of them often as I work with our merchandise at QP & Monty. We hope you are all having a great memorial day weekend and not just kicking off the summer, but also remembering your friends and family. Happy Memorial Day 2011 — we’ll be here at Artists and Fleas every weekend.

It’s a Party — Mad Men Style

In case you didn’t know it’s always a party here at Artists and Fleas. The DJ has things rocking and the vendors keep things rolling.

Of course, if you want to bring the party home — most everything is for sale.

If you want to swing Mad Men style we’ve got you covered with bakelite poker chip sets and classic cocktail shakers printed with drinks recipes. My favorite is the Manhattan; Ignacio favors the classic Martini.

Here are those recipes; you’ll have to visit us for the rest including the Side Car, Whiskey Sour and Daiquiri.


2/3 whiskey

1/3 italian vermouth

dash angostura bitters

stir with cracked ice,

strain — serve with cherry


2/3 dry gin

1/3 french vermouth

dash orange bitters

stir with cracked ice, serve with olive.

Here’s Looking at You

Monty’s friends Tigger and Cutie are hanging around waiting for Monty to show. Little do they know that Monty is having a party at home with QP and Saki. He loves to stay home and hang with his friends.

We think he spent enough time on the street and in shelters — now he just wants to play and eat the sofa. He could never be reserved enough to come out and meet the public at Artists and Fleas.┬áThat’s our job.

Tigger and Cutie — his poodle friend — are keeping us company today.

Rudy is My Name

Rudy is my name. I used to live in Manhattan — I’m originally from Africa — but now I’m hanging out here with QP & Monty in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a little lonely Monday through Friday, but I’m having a blast on the weekend.

I’m happy here for now, but I am looking for a new home — perhaps in a Soho loft or an Upstate Lodge.┬áCity or Country I’m flexible and will fit right in. Some people say I’m the life of the party.